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Propertie's Facilities

overlooking the tower Our large Terrace is a splendid background


Free internet point & Free phone calls
There is a pc where all the guest are allow to use it as much as they want to for surfing on internet and check their mail also the hotel provide a WI-FI LAN network



Transfer service & Parking facilities
For the traveller they don't have their own means transport they could be picked-up from us at airport or at the station e-mail us for availability and further details.
If you came by car you can easily park your car in the neiborhood but don't forget to get the authorizathion from us


Scooter, Bike and Moto to Rent
Don't forget to take your driving license with you We rent for our guest bike scooter and moto at discounted rate e-mail us


Re Artù is open for lunch and dinner with is closed on sunday
specialities from Tuscany and seafood and large choice of Chianti and many other Italian wines.

Property Facilities Summary:
Child Friendly
ADSL Connection
Internet Point
Facilities for Disabled
Luggage Storage
Shuttle To / From Airport
Public Parking
Pisa and its history
The Leaning Tower expresses the joys and sorrows of its earlier 800 years and waits for a happy end to its old-age convalescence with quiet wisdom.A widow, whose name was Berta of Bernardo, living in the house of dell'Opera di Santa Maria, the 5th of January 1172 left in her will sixty "coins" to the "Opera Campanilis petrarum Sancte Marie", to purchase some stones to build the Tower. As far as the author is concerned there is much uncertainty, experts are still arguing: Would the architect have been Bonanno, marvellous bronze foundryman, who afterwards made the first Cathedral's doors? Or Deotiusalvi, one of the greatest architects of the XII century, who founded the Battistero? Perhaps the work of Gerardo, who had to cooperate more as a co-author and interpreter than a simple executor of the orders given by Deotiusalvi? Or Guidolotto, Designer of Santa Maria Maggiore? Or was master Guglielmo, of German nationality, perhaps the same one who, in about the year 1160, carried out the first pulpit of the Cathedral ? Whoever has done it, the author was fantastic. The only certainty is its date of birth, 9th August 1173. The plan of the bell tower exists and it's an admirable one. Of course it isn't a design on paper but documented in the Tower itself and in its measurements. This is the way the construction of the Bell Tower began. When the construction reached about one meter and half of the third floor, because of marshy and unstable soil, it leaned fearfully, so the works were suspended. The events which led to the inclination of the Tower aren't known. The proof we have are very uncertain. Surely two phenomenon took place: the building subsidence due to the excess weight and the soils of differential settlement, which were the reasons for the inclination. The restarting of the work took place in two phases, during which they tried to reduce the slope. It is not known which height was reached at the end of the first phase of the resumption, before the intervention of Giovanni di Simone. The second phase of the thirteenth-century, started probably about the years 1272-1275 and perhaps consisted of the building of four "loggette" (stories). In the sixth "loggetta" some round arch windows for the bells were made. The slope kept on worrying, so the Duomo's Institution the 15th March 1298 gave Giovanni Pisano, Guido, who was the son of the dead master Giovanni di Simone and Orsello, the job of measuring the slope. Vasari ascribes the construction of the belfry to Tommaso, who was the son of Andrea Pisano, and it is usually dated, in the last studies, to the year 1350. The Bell Tower, because of its slope, which looks like it dares the laws of statics, being one of the most original works of art of the whole European Middle-Ages, enjoys of an enormous popularity

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